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Top Apps for travelling and backpacking

Off on your travels? As well as stocking up on those suitcase essentials, make sure your gadget is loaded with these handy travel apps! From planning your journey to sharing your tourist tips, these 12 clever titles help to make backpacking a breeze. Just don’t forget your charger…

1. Skype

Missing the voice of your partner, parent or pet? Touch base with them for less! Skype lets you make free video calls to other Skype users across the globe – you can even make cheap international calls to let loved ones know you’re ok.

2. Trip Advisor

Whether you’re giving passionate praise or venting your frustration, share your opinion with millions of other travellers. Restaurants and tourist attractions can’t hide from people’s real views, so get the true story behind your destination.

3. Google Translate

No time to learn a new language but desperate to find the nearest beach? Google Translate decodes text and speech in real time, helping confused backpackers feel more at home. Just (politely) point it at your target and all should become clear. We all know the Welsh language can be a bit tricky, so if you’re staying at one of our hostels in Wales like YHA Cardiff Central, this app can be paticularly handy.

4. Comundu

Backpacking shouldn’t feel lonely, so download this awesome social platform especially for you! Connect with backpackers and staff at the hostel you’re staying at to join fun nights out, share tips and meet exciting new people. Look out for our London hostels on the app and get involved. #friendsforlife

5. Skyscanner

Severe case of wanderlust but concious of your bank balance? Find the cheapest flights and book instantly with this award-winning app. Skyscanner compares millions of airlines across the globe, so you can tick off your bucket list quicker.

6. Packing Pro

Say goodbye to the last-minute rush – it’s the last thing you need before your adventure. This classic app lets you organise your list of essentials into categories, giving you peace of mind as you tick them off. It even gives handy suggestions.

7. Wi-Fi Finder

The most important app of all? Get online (and use your new apps!) without eating into your mobile data. This must-have app hunts down and shows the nearest Wi-Fi hotspots to you; complete with a map and signal strength radar. Remember, many of our hostels now provide FREE Wi-Fi to guests and city hostels like YHA Cardiff Central and YHA London St Pancras have computers to use too.

8. XE Currency

Getting ripped off is not so XE, so stay savvy and check how much you’re really paying. This app gives you up to date exchange rates, so get it out whenever you’re feeling frugal – you can save up for the experiences that matter.

9. Backpackr

Searching for your perfect travel buddy? Connect with like-minded people from around the world and plan an adventure together, or meet solo travellers during your trip. This fab social app lets you share photos, reviews and mutual wanderlust.

10. Foodspotting

If you’re determined to eat the world, this app will get your mouth watering. Use GPS to scan your local area and see a slide show of dishes from eateries nearby. The map and customer reviews make it even easier to find tonight’s dinner.

11. Duolingo

Don’t just visit a new country – learn the language and be part of it. Duolingo helps you to remember, practice and master the local lingo using bite-size sessions and fun games. It’ll make your commutes more productive too!

12. iFootpath

Hold the UK countryside in the palm of your hand. This walking app combines the detailed directions of traditional guide books with the accuracy of GPS. Follow your progress and add to a hub of information, without the fear of getting lost.

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