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Ironbridge is classed as a UNESCO World Heritage site and it is easy to see why. Located near Telford in Shropshire, there are many things to do in Ironbridge, bursting with both educational activities and outdoor pursuits to provide students with a rewarding and exciting experience.

YHA has two hostels in the area, YHA Ironbridge Coalbrookdale and YHA Ironbridge Coalport. The former is designed specifically for school trips but both are able to accommodate large groups. For your perfect school trip you have the choice of utilising YHA led packages or an itinerary of your own as there are many things to do in Ironbridge. Either way our hostels make a great base for your break.

Infamous for its historic and industrial past, Ironbridge is a great place to expand upon classroom learning. Here students can witness curriculum topics first hand and gain a greater level of understanding.

History Trips

YHA Ironbridge Coalbrookdale provides History packages for KS2 students. Activities include re-enacting Victorian life, experiencing the Industrial Revolution and understanding life as an evacuee during WWII.

If you would prefer to plan your own program then the local area has so much to offer. With 10 award winning museums you’re spoilt for choice! These museums are managed by the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust, an educational charity established in 1967. Winning museums have been praised for their incredible collections, and varied agenda of learning activities all delivered by highly professional workshop leaders.

Some museums to look out for include Blists Hill Victorian Town, the museum of Iron, Coalport China museum and the museum of the Gorge. To enjoy as many museums as you want it is advisable to purchase a ‘passport ticket’. This allows you to see the various sites with a single ticket over a period of time.

Geography Trips

The dramatic geographical features will capture the student’s imagination and really get them to grips with their studies with all the great things to do in Ironbridge.

The River Severn meanders through the area, perfect for students studying water features. Then of course there is the gorge itself, formed during the Ice Age when the river was diverted.

The Severn Gorge Countryside Trust, located at the Coalbrookdale Outdoor Learning Centre, provides various courses to do with nature. Previous classes have included ‘How limestone shaped the Ironbridge Gorge.’ (Capacity is limited and only small groups are advised).

Geology Trips

The Royal Geographical Society provides an educational and fun walk around the area, outlining various geographical features. The students will learn interesting points such as the fact that the rock features were formed as far away the Falkland Islands and travelled here 600 million years ago.

Environmental Studies

The Greenwood Centre, based nearby, is a beautiful building built by the Greenwood charity and demonstrates how structures can overcome environmental issues and energy efficiency problems. The architects give presentations about the construction and explain just how this was done. Even the position of the building has been carefully thought out to achieve maximum warmth and coolness.

The Buildwas Nature Trail also provide a building in which students can learn about Environmental Studies. School parties are advised to book.

Outdoor Pursuits

For teachers looking to provide outdoor activities, Ironbridge is ideal. The area is perfect for walking, cycling and water sports.

YHA Ironbridge Coalbrookdale offers outdoor activities that are designed to test the student’s team work skills and will bring them together as a group whilst being very entertaining.

Why are our hostels suitable?

YHA Coalbrookdale in particular is ideal for school trips but the alternative of Coalport located just down the road is fully equipped to deal with large groups as there are plenty of educational things to see and do in Ironbridge to help build pupils knowledge.

Our hostels have great facilities including:

  • Accommodation for up to 100 people
  • Classroom facilities
  • Educational packages
  • Group catering facilities including packed lunches and home cooked evening meals
  • A garden
  • Games room
  • Lounge

Ironbridge is bursting with educational and outdoor activities. Visit our School Trips website to book your stay at Ironbridge Coalbrookdale.

Written by Ruby Higton

Here is Ruby and she is a digital marketer at YHA. She looks after all things social media, as well as content writing for and SEO. Her favourite YHA is YHA Perranporth.

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