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A young person’s perspective on Generation Green

Connecting young people with nature is at the core of Generation Green. This funded project provides numerous opportunities to connect young people to nature, through outlets such as:

  • volunteering roles
  • jobs & training
  • online learning
  • outdoor experiences

From Caring for Nature residentials to the Wild Skills day visits in North York Moors National Park, the activities encourage and support young people from all over England and Wales to explore, appreciate and learn about nature. Not only are the activities fun and engaging, but they also provide young people with the knowledge of how to connect to nature.

A group of young people walking up a hill
Group of young people activity building

Supporting positive wellbeing

Demonstrated by the five ways to make a stronger connection with nature postcard, this is highly important and beneficial to young people, as connecting to nature has been proven to improve one’s wellbeing. With many young people connecting to nature for the first time, Generation Green is providing young people with positive life-impacting experiences, inspiring them to connect and care for nature. Creating jobs in the green sector and teaching young people the actions and importance of how to connect to nature, not only benefits the individual but benefits the planet.

Promoting equality and diversity

Generation Green strives for equality and diversity in the green sector. As the environment workforce is one of the least diverse workforces in England, young people from deprived areas, BAME groups and disadvantaged backgrounds have fewer opportunities to experience nature and the outdoors at an early age, affecting their engagement with the natural environment in later life.
The project aims to tackle this by prioritising deprived urban areas that may have never experienced nature. Offering apprenticeships within different specialist areas, working with the New Forest National Park and supporting the Government’s kickstart campaign.

Listening to young people

YHA care for not only the future of young people and their ability to connect to nature but also their voices. Through the creation of a Youth Advisory Team, YHA have created a platform for young people to be involved in their projects and work within different departments. Through this several members have imputed on the design and formation of the funded project.
As a member of Youth Advisory Team, I also recently tried one of the Generation Green activities, the leap of faith. This is something that has allowed me to face my fear of heights. I would not have been able to even attempt this without the support of my fellow team members! I am very proud to be a part of the team and the  project, a project that is centred on improving the lives of young people.

By Hannah Hughes, Youth Advisory Team

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Photo credit: drhfoto / Adobe Stock

Written by Youth Advisory Team

The YHA Youth Advisory Team is a team of young people who provide direction and leadership to YHA. This is for the purpose of achieving YHA’s strategic objective that young people (under 26) are included in governance and in all aspects of the charity’s decision making.

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