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How to get a good night’s sleep when travelling

There’s nothing better than snuggling down for a snooze after a day exploring your current location! But getting a good night’s sleep can be easier said than done if you’re flitting between time-zones and sharing your sleeping space. Here are our tips for how to get a good night’s sleep when travelling.

Prepare for fellow travellers

We’ve all met Mr Snore, Mr Music Too Loud and Mr 5am Alarm on our YHA adventures! Although there are unspoken rules that most travellers respect, invest in quality earplugs to block out any traffic noise and bumps in the night. An eye-mask to block out light is also handy for dorm sharing.

Respect your relaxation routine

Wind down before you go to bed with some yoga stretches, meditation, or a relaxing read. Do whatever chills you out at home and try to match your regular evening habits. Strenuous exercise and brightly lit screens leave your mind buzzing, so power down your technology an hour or two before sleep.

Snack and scrub for sleep

Mums are right; a small comforting snack and a cup of warm milk or herbal (decaffeinated) tea can help slow you down for bedtime. Taking a warm shower will also help you feel extra comfy and cosy too – mmm, who doesn’t love the feeling of slipping into clean sheets after a good scrub!

Beat jet-lag by planning ahead

If there’s a big time difference where you’re headed, adjust your sleep pattern gradually, starting a few days before you travel. Make up lost sleep with early nights and small naps; don’t binge. Not flying? Get a schedule going at home so that your body clock knows when it’s time to sleep.

Be comfortable camping

Nobody enjoys a rocky floor and shivering through the cold night, so if you’re camping in the great outdoors bring a suitably thick sleeping bag and a camping mat to sleep on. Sleeping under the stars can be majestic and amazing, but make sure you’re in a safe spot – nothing kills sleep like worry!

Tire yourself out with activities

Our personal fave – have so much fun during the day that you just have to rest and recharge! If you’ve been outdoors being active and exploring your surroundings with gusto, you’re more likely to fall into bed in the evening. And there’s adventure waiting just outside our hostels

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