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The Journey: summer 21

Hello and welcome to the summer 2021 issue of The Journey.

The warmest time of the year is traditionally the most carefree, and with everything we’ve been through collectively since early 2020, it’s a cheering thought that the months ahead are likely to hold fresh potential for exploration and adventure. New places, new discoveries, new acquaintances, and new memories.

In this issue, we cover several topics dear to our heart, looking to our post-pandemic future, spotlighting family travel, and suggesting nine great hostels that can be easily reached by public transport. In addition, you’ll also find a Wye Valley feature, the usual news and reviews, and Let’s go!, our special pull-out kids’ section.

Above all, of course, summer is a time of optimism, and with life looking like returning to something approaching normal, we could all do with a bit of that. We hope you enjoy reading the issue, and finding inspiration for your future travels.

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The JourneyThe Journey: summer 21