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November is one of those months where we wake up to beautiful misty mornings and the first sign of a sparkling frost, but we also tend to stay indoors and hibernate. It’s more important than ever that we get a little daily exercise and whilst out and about why not capture nature in all its glory?

Here at YHA we love a beautiful photo, so we’ve created the neighbourhood nature challenge. We want you to connect with nature by taking part. We’re looking for photos that capture the beauty and bounty of your local patch. Whether you’re snapping an urban garden, community park or sprawling countryside, we’d love to see the little treasures and simple pleasures of nature at this time of year.

How do I take part?

  1. It’s easy, simply get out your camera or camera phone and take a few pictures of nature in your neighbourhood. It might be an early sunrise, a rainbow, foxes or your park at dusk.
  2. Share them on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and tag YHA as well as using the hashtag #YHAnaturechallenge and #LivemoreYHA. Or you can share them on our challenge posts on our social media! We will only be able to see your photos if your social media accounts are public.
  3. We’ll be picking our favourites and resharing throughout the month across our social media, including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, so keep an eye out as you may just see your picture pop up.
  4. We will be showcasing our favourites on our social media channels, so keep your eyes peeled, you might spot yours!

We can’t wait to see what everyone captures, happy snapping!

Terms & Conditions: By taking part you agree we can share your pictures for marketing via our social media and emails, don’t worry, we will credit your masterpieces.

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