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YHA and the British Mountaineering Council work together to remove mountains of waste

At YHA we are extremely lucky to be surrounded by stunning scenery and an abundance of nature. We want everyone to enjoy nature and the benefits it brings but we must work together to preserve our landscapes and help our natural environment. That’s why YHA is working with the British Mountaineering Council on its Hills 2 Oceans campaign.

The campaign is calling on everyone to get involved in a litter pick to help remove as much litter and plastic from our hills, mountains and crags as possible, so it doesn’t end up in our oceans. From one piece of litter to 10 bags of litter, every little helps, and we’d love your support on removing rubbish from our stunning landscapes.

The British Mountaineering Council has kindly donated litter picking stations to 14 of our hostels across England. This means that when you’re visiting or staying at one of these hostels you can pick up a litter picking kit and go make a difference — just one piece of litter removed helps. Did you know it can take 450 years for a plastic bottle to biodegrade?

We can’t wait to see what you achieve!

Get involved

What’s a litter pick without a challenge? The litter problem sits with us humans, but the solution also sits with us too. We need you to #LiftYourLitter to show your strength and determination to help our natural environment.

When you’re staying or visiting a participating hostel, please grab a picker and bag, and pick away! Take the kits on a hike, a walk or donate just five minutes of your time. It’ll be amazing to see the impact that you can achieve.

We’d love to see your pictures too so please tag us @YHAOfficial and use the hashtags #LiftYourLitter and #Hills2Oceans.

Organise your own litter pick

If our participating hostels are too far away, don’t fret! There are plenty of ways you can get involved. Follow our handy guide.

1. Get prepped

You will need:
• litter picker
• protective gloves
• bin bag
• hand sanitiser
• a friend or two to help!

2. Find a location

Think about areas where you’ve seen lots of litter in the past — that way you can make the most impact. You could ask around the local community for ideas.

3. Work out beforehand what you will do with the litter

Try to separate rubbish into recyclable and non-recyclable. Check that your local tip can accept the rubbish you’re going to collect. If unsure, contact your local council – they should be able to help.

4. Have fun

You’re helping the environment so you should give yourself a big pat on the back. Make sure you reward yourself afterwards!

Take lots of pictures too to inspire others to get involved, tag us @YHAOfficial and use the hashtags #LiftYourLitter and #Hills2Oceans.

5. Did you know?

A litter pick also has tremendous health benefits — from getting to know your community, spending more time outdoors in the fresh air and taking time to slow down and enjoy some mindful minutes while making a positive contribution to the world around you. You can even catch up with that audio book or podcast you’ve been meaning to listen to for a while.

So, what are you waiting for? We need you to #LiftYourLitter to help the Hills 2 Ocean cause. Any litter removed from a natural ecosystem helps wildlife and creates a better space for humans. Let’s make a difference together.

Discover more about YHA and BMC.

Written by YHA News Team

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