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Making access for all a reality

#blacklivesmatter  – staff and members of YHA are proud to connect to a charity which has been clear about the need for equality since its founding 90 years ago, our charitable objects start with “YHA is for all” and this sign sits proudly on the wall of hostels.

#blacklivesmatter helps us to understand that racism exists and how much more there is still to do. YHA’s sign is a statement of intent but not of achievement – if we are to truly be the anti-racist charity we aspire to be, it will be our actions that will define us.

Our new Strategy which was signed off in February 2020 has access as its core priority– we support #blacklivesmatter and will use it as a catalyst for change.

We are working to ensure that those who have power in YHA includes those that are BAME people, including those who are visibly minority ethnic. Because with power comes a greater potential for change.

We know that campaign hashtags and changing social media avatars can support a cause. But we also know that these changes can be superficial or ‘tick-box’.  So we are focusing our response to #blacklivesmatter on making changes in practice. There is much to do but a short summary of some of our recent work can be found here.

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