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Everyone Fits – YHA’s new Exclusive Hire campaign puts aspiring creatives in the frame

‘Everyone Fits’ is the exciting new marketing campaign for YHA’s Exclusive Hire product and it’s all the work of two aspiring young students, Maria Makepeace (21) and Hattie Hancocks (21).

Hattie and Maria, an Art Director and Copywriter team, beat off competition from more than 30 undergraduates to win a paid internship at The Hub Creative Academy and make their ‘Everyone Fits’ photo album idea a reality in a live campaign for YHA Exclusive Hire. Their campaign is now live on the YHA Exclusive Hire website.

The girls said: “It was a fantastic opportunity to work on a live brief with feedback from real clients and something we both knew would impress potential employers regardless of whether we won the competition.

“We were so delighted to win the place at Creative Academy. It’s been everything and more we expected. We’ve had the opportunity to get involved with so many projects and were given responsibilities straight away gaining real industry experience. It’s just been a fantastic way to start our careers.”

The Hub is YHA’s design partner, responsible for creating its distinctive advertising campaigns in the press and online. Earlier this year, YHA and The Hub partnered with each other to create a life-changing career opportunity for two creative undergraduates, giving them an 18-month head start on their career in the creative industry.

Students from the Creative Advertising courses at Falmouth and Buckinghamshire Universities were invited to put forward their ideas for a YHA Exclusive Hire marketing campaign.

Following design workshops with creative and copywriting professionals from marketing communications agency The Hub, the students’ initial concepts were developed into feasible designs which were then pitched to YHA’s marketing team.

Hattie and Maria’s ‘everyone fits’ concept stood out. Rachel Ramsay, Head of marketing at YHA, explained: “We loved the fact that Hattie and Maria’s concept reflected a photo album of memories from spending time with family and friends. We’ve all tried to take that photo with everyone in it. We thought this encapsulated perfectly what YHA Exclusive Hire is all about – there’s a YHA property to suit every group no matter how small or large, we will have one where everyone fits!”

Now in its third year, the award-winning Creative Academy is the brainchild of The Hub. With a core value of talent development, the Creative Academy gives undergraduates real experience and the opportunity to work alongside industry professionals to help them get a foot on the career ladder. On average, it takes 18 months for graduates to secure their first job in the sector following graduation.

Hattie and Maria both graduated with a 2:1 in July from Falmouth University and have since been offered and accepted permanent positions at The Hub. Mike Samson, Account Director at The Hub who mentored all the students, added: “I love this aspect of my job role It’s a real privilege to work with up and coming talent and develop people like Hattie and Maria into rounded industry professionals. They bring a fresh pair of eyes and new perspective to the job so it’s an opportunity for us to also learn from them.”

Hattie and Maria’s concept was further developed by The Hub with help from another aspiring artist. Hannah Lewin, a student at Loughborough University, created the watercolour illustrations of people within the designs.

Rachel Ramsay added: “As a leading youth charity, YHA is all about giving young people opportunities. Our partnership with The Hub Creative Academy embodies that ethos perfectly and I’m delighted that, as a team, we have been able to bring this to life and can share the work of three very talented young people with our customers.”

Take a look at Hattie and Maria’s campaign creative on the YHA Exclusive Hire website.

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