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Struggling to keep the little ones amused? Here are a couple of lovely ideas to get creative, so why not spend an hour in the fresh air in the back yard or garden whilst the snow is here. Follow our easy steps and create beautiful snow lanterns and ice sculptures.

Ice art

Have you ever made your own ice sculpture? First, take a small plastic bowl and fill the base with grass, pebbles, moss and bits of twig. Then carefully add enough water to cover them all, and loop a short piece of string so that the two ends are in the water.


Leave it outside overnight (or in the freezer, if the weather’s not cold enough). The next day, carefully push it out of the bowl. You have your very own ice art!


A snow lantern

Snow lantern

Has it been snowing? Brilliant! To make a snow lantern, you’ll need flat ground and lots of snow. Make lots of snowballs – try to keep them the same size, and pat them down well to keep them solid.

Then build a snowball pyramid. You can do this by laying some of your snowballs out in a ring. Keep building higher, making each ring slightly smaller than the one below.

Before you reach the top, put your light on the ground inside the pyramid. You can use an electric tealight, or, if you’ve got a grown-up to help you, a real tealight with a flame. Then finish building. Hey presto! A snow lantern!

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