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It might be the chilliest time of year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun outside. Try our winter scavenger hunt – how many of these things can you do where you are…

Cobweb in the sunlight on a winters day
Pinecone on the snowy ground
  • Look for a pinecone. Can you see which tree it fell from?
  • Look for a spider’s web. Can you see a spider too?
  • Spot a bird flying in the sky. Is it big, or small? Do you know what kind of bird it is?
  • Find a holly bush. Feel how smooth the leaves are – and how spiky the prickles are!
  • Search for footprints in the ground. Are they human prints, or animal prints
  • Listen for the sound of the wind. What kind of noise does it make?
  • Spot an animal tunnel. Rabbits, badgers and foxes all live in holes. Do you know what they’re called?
  • Deciduous trees lose their leaves or needles in winter. Evergreen trees don’t. Can you find one?
  • Is it a snowy day? Try making a snow angel! You can even do it in the frost.
  • Get muddy! Try making a mud face on a tree.

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