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Every spring and summer, birds like swifts and swallows fly here from hotter parts of the world, as part of their yearly migration. But did you know that some birds only visit the UK in the colder months? Here are some of the wonderful winter wildlife that pays us a visit. 


Fieldfare bird on a branch

These speckled birds normally live in Scandinavia, but they spend their winters here in the UK, where it’s slightly warmer. In the countryside, they’re often seen in flocks with redwings, who look very similar.

Whooper Swan

Whooper swan

With their long, thin necks and black-and-yellow bills, these swans are a lovely sight. They come here from Iceland to find food in our wetlands and estuaries. Their name comes from the ‘whooping’ sound they make.

Bar-tailed Godwit

Bar-tailed Godwit bird

These long-legged wading birds arrive here from chilly Siberia, where they breed in the warmer months. They can be seen around the UK shoreline, and they eat worms, shrimps and shellfish.

Image credits: © adobestock / faustasyan (fieldfare), Erni (bar-tailed godwit), Mike (Whooper swan), chomphunuts

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