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It might be the chilliest time of year, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun outside. Try our winter scavenger hunt – how many of these things can you do where you are.

Look for a spider’s web. Can you see a spider too?

First on our winter scavenger hunt list is look for a pine cone. Can you see which tree it fell from?

Spot a bird flying in the sky. Is it big, or small? Do you know what kind of bird it is?

Find a holly bush. Feel how smooth the leaves are – and how spiky the prickles are!

Search for footprints in the ground. Are they human prints, or animal prints?

Listen for the sound of the wind. What kind of noise does it make?


Spot an animal tunnel. Rabbits, badgers and foxes all live in holes. Do you know what they’re called?

Deciduous trees lose their leaves or needles in winter. Evergreen trees don’t. Can you find one of each?

Is it a snowy day? Try making a snow angel! You can even do it in the frost.

Get muddy! Try making a mud face on a tree.

We hope you enjoyed our winter scavenger hunt. Check out our Winter Guide here.

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