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Winter can be a difficult time for birds. They need to eat lots of winter bird food, for energy and warmth, but the days are colder and darker. We can help by leaving out things for them to feed on.

If you have a bird-feeder, remember to keep it nice and full with nuts and seeds. You can also get creative by making your own bird snacks. Try these winter bird food ideas:

Thread a piece of garden wire through some apple slices, then hang them from a tree in your garden or park. Birds like apples, even when the fruit’s turning brown! It’s the perfect winter bird food.

Make your own winter bird food snack mix with oats, unsalted peanuts, lard, grated mild cheese and sunflower seeds. Squash it into an empty orange half, a pine cone or a small net, then hang it from a tree.

Cook some unsalted, unbuttered popcorn, then ask an adult to help string them together using a needle and thread. You’ll be left with a nibble chain for birds! Remember not to leave salty snacks, as salt isn’t very good for birds.

Don’t forget that birds need water too, especially in winter when it might be frosty. You can help them by leaving out fresh water in a bowl or dish.

The Journey: Winter 19

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