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It’s very easy to rush through life – to charge about the place like a hare in a hurry, dashing here and darting there, never standing still. After all, everyone loves adventure. But sometimes, slowing down can show us things we would normally miss. When was the last time you looked where you were walking? As in, really looked?

A slow safari is an outdoors walk where it’s not about how far you go, but how much you see. You can try it in the woods, along the coast, in a field – or even just in the hostel grounds. The aim is to try and notice as many living creatures as you can – and the slower you walk, the more you’ll find you discover. Ants? Woodlice? Worms? Ladybirds? Or maybe even rabbits? Bats? Birds of prey?

When you find a creature, stop and watch it for a while. Is it busy? If you hear birdsong, try to work out where the bird is. Why do you think it might be singing? Take your time with your slow safari walk. Maybe even take a magnifying glass with you. How many creatures can you spot – and what are they doing?

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