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Spending time outdoors is one of the healthiest things we can do. But why?

It improves our mood

When we stay inside all day, we can sometimes feel stressed or tired without really knowing why. When we play outside and feel the breeze in our hair and the sunlight on our skin, our brains and bodies naturally feel happier.

It improves our physical health

There are lots of good things about going for a walk, playing an outdoor game or spending time in a park. Doing things like this gives us confidence and helps us to make new friends – and best of all, it also helps us to stay nice and fit!

It brings us closer to nature

Sometimes it’s easy to forget just how amazing nature can be. We live in a world full of millions of other species, and paying attention to birds, trees, plants and insects can help us feel calm, relaxed and connected.

Photo credit: AdobeStock/Jacob Lund

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