The Journey: Autumn 19

Tips for den-building

The woods are great for making dens. Here’s some advice!

Choose a flat place in the woods to build your den. Some people like a big, strong tree to build a den against.

Find lots of long branches and pieces of fallen wood. Remember to be careful near other people – it’s a good idea to drag them to your tree rather than carry them.

Lean the branches against each other in a wigwam style. When your biggest branches feel secure, you can use smaller branches, twigs, leaves and mud to ‘fill in’ the walls. Don’t forget a door!  

Made your den? Brilliant! Now choose what it’s going to be. A bandit’s cave? A woodland palace? A superhero’s hideout? Let your imagination go wild…

Dens are great for noisy games, but they’re also good for quiet time. Shhh! What can you hear? What can you smell? Can you spot any creepy-crawlies?

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