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We’re celebrating 90 years of adventure for all. Take a look at then and now – our trip back in time offers a taste of how life has changed during YHA’s history.


Price of a pint of beer: Approximately 5p

Take in the view: Blackpool Tower (158m/518ft)

UK population: Estimated at around 45 million

Monarch: King George V

League champions: Sheffield Wednesday

Technology: John Logie Baird installs a TV receiver at 10 Downing Street

Film: Anti-war epic All Quiet On The Western Front wins Best Picture at the Oscars

Music: Bing Crosby makes his first recording as a solo vocalist

Kids: The Mickey Mouse comic strip makes its first appearance

The outdoors: The Kinder Mass Trespass, asserting walkers’ ‘right to roam’, is just two years away

In the news: On April 18 1930, the BBC announces ‘There is no news’ and fills its 15-minute bulletin with piano music

Trailblazer: Amy Johnson lands in Australia, becoming the first woman to fly solo from England to Australia

Nobel Peace Prize: Nominees include British Prime Minister Ramsay MacDonald

Protest: Mahatma Gandhi begins a 200-mile march to protest against British rule in India

Books: Arthur Ransome’s Swallows and Amazons is published, showcasing the wonders of the Lake District

And so it begins

YHA is founded, with the stated aim ‘to help all, but especially young people, to a greater knowledge, use and love of the countryside, particularly by providing hostels or other simple accommodation for them on their travels’

Group of children sat on grass


Price of a pint of beer: Approximately £3.70

Take in the view: The Shard (310m/1,017ft)

UK population: Estimated at around 65 million

Monarch: Queen Elizabeth II

League champions: Liverpool

Technology: Apple becomes Wall Street’s first $2 trillion company

Film: Korean black comedy thriller Parasite wins Best Picture at the Oscars

Music: Taylor Swift’s new album streamed more than 80 million times on its first day

Kids: The Disney Plus channel reaches 60 million subscribers, nine months after its launch

The outdoors: The 2,795-mile England Coast Path nears its completion, becoming our 16th National Trail

In the news: On April 18 2020, at the height of the coronavirus outbreak, veteran Captain Tom Moore breaks the £20m barrier in his NHS fundraising

Trailblazer: Runner Liz Warner completes her 30th marathon in 30 different countries to raise money for local, woman-empowered communities

Nobel Peace Prize: Nominees include 17-year-old Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg

Protest: A statue of slave trader Edward Colston is torn down in Bristol

Books: Sales surge in March as readers stock up on books over lockdown

And so it continues

YHA marks its 90th anniversary, releasing a 10-year strategy that ‘will see us reaching more people and growing our impact, with a particular focus on those who could benefit the most, in an era that needs us more than ever’

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