The Journey: 90th anniversary

Amazing animal journeys


This magazine is called The Journey. We gave it that name because staying with YHA is all about discovering new places and having new experiences. But we humans aren’t the only ones to make special journeys. Here are four extraordinary animals who make incredible journeys of their own…

Arctic Tern


Arctic terns aren’t big birds – they weigh less than a bar of soap – but twice a year they fly from one end of the world to the other. Every spring, they fly 44,000 miles from Antarctica to Greenland. Then, every autumn, they fly back!               

Leatherback sea turtles


When these enormous turtles arrive in the Caribbean each year to lay their eggs, they’ve made an epic journey across the Atlantic Ocean to get there. Year after year, the same turtles come back to the same beaches – their memories are excellent!



The Great Migration takes place every year on the plains of Africa, when more than a million wildebeest walk for 1,000 miles to find fresh grasslands to graze on. They have to deal with all sorts of dangers along the way – including crocodiles!  

Red Admiral butterfly


Have you ever seen a Red Admiral butterfly? These handsome insects can be seen across the UK in the summer, but although they’re only tiny, many of them have fluttered over the sea to get here, all the way from Europe or North Africa!

All images © adobestock: tern/ dennisjacobsen, wildebeest/byrdyak, Butterfly/Anne, turtle/Stephanie Rousseau

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