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On our 90th anniversary, we thought it would be the perfect time to list 90 of our favourite things to do.

1. Climbing a tree

2. Baking a cake

3. Listening for woodpeckers

4. Playing an instrument

5. Learning a new language

6. Eating something you’ve cooked yourself

7. Sleeping in a tent

8. Walking through the woods

9. Searching for owls at dusk

10. Watching the stars at night

11. Playing Poohsticks

12. Laughing so hard your tummy hurts

Three girls laughing


13. Keeping the beach clean

14. Making new friends at a hostel

15. Reading a book in one go

16. Wrapping up warm on a cold day

17. Having an early morning swim

18. Toasting marshmallows on a fire

19. Building a den

20. Skimming stones

21. Hunting for fossils

22. Sharing snacks with people you love

23. Walking to the top of a hill

A boy looking over the mountains

24. Making a snowman

25. Cycling through the countryside

26. Rock-pooling

27. Building a sandcastle

28. Exploring a cave

Two boys exploring a cave


29. Climbing a tall building

30. Spotting butterflies

31. Making a home for wildlife

32. Dancing in bare feet

33. Visiting a castle

34. Having a picnic on the beach

35. Exploring Roman ruins

36. Singing in the rain

37. Planting fruit and veg

38. Collecting conkers

39. Smelling flowers

40. Going on a cool train ride

41. Keeping a nature diary

bird in tree

42. Staying up past your bedtime

43. Having breakfast with friends

44. Watching wildlife through binoculars

45. Splashing in puddles

46. Telling jokes

47. Watching the sunrise

48. Watching the sunset

49. Playing I-Spy

50. Being kind

51. Running as fast as you can

52. Hearing thunder

53. Dreaming about future adventures

chalk drawing

54. Being tickled

55. Learning a new song

56. Giving someone a surprise present

57. Learning about other countries

58. Helping the environment

59. Playing a new sport

60. Making a paper aeroplane

61. Doing a treasure hunt

62. Spending ages on a trampoline

63. Writing a story

64. Doing a charity challenge

65. Going on a bug hunt

66. Taking a dog for a long walk

67. Making up a funny poem

68. Going kayaking

69. Making a sculpture out of recycling

70. Meeting people who live on other continents

71. Making popcorn

72. Smelling the earth after it’s been raining

73. Being really quiet

74. Being really noisy

75. Finding something amazing in a museum

family at museum

76. Lending a great book to a friend

77. Playing hide and seek

78. Looking at the sea from a clifftop

79. Watching the snow come down

80. Finding shapes in the clouds

81. Staring at the moon through a telescope

82. Flying a kite

83. Watching fish in a river

84. Spotting a seal


85. Breathing mountain air

86. Sailing to an island

87. Listening to brilliant old music

88. Listening to brilliant new music

89. Trying to juggle

90. Making up brand new words

All images © adobestock: woodpecker/manuel, camping/ micromonkey, seal/Martin Grimm, museum/Arkady Chubykin, sleepover/Scott Griessel, boys in cave/Brocreative, mountainboy/nadezhda1906, londondrawing/Irina Schmidt

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