Spring time. It’s a brilliant time to be outdoors and getting close to nature – use our spring-time spotting list and see what you can spot.


Bluebells are wild flowers that grow on the forest floor. They usually appear in April or May, and you can sometimes see thousands of them in the same woods!


Unlike human babies, almost all lambs are born in winter or early spring. Now is a great time to try and spot them taking their first steps in farmers’ fields.

Great spotted woodpeckers

You often hear woodpeckers before you see them. They communicate by making a fast tap-tap-tap sound by hammering their beaks against tree trunks.


Orchids are colourful wildflowers that usually start flowering in April. The one pictured is a tongue orchid – can you guess how it gets its name?


These looping, swooping flyers spend the winter in Africa and return to the UK when the weather warms up. They’re speedy enough to catch insects in mid-air!


When butterflies start appearing, flapping brightly over hedges and fields, it’s a sign that spring has arrived. Look out for tortoiseshells (pictured) and peacocks.  


Spring also brings bumblebees buzzing back into the open air. Often, the first bees you see at this time of year are queen bees looking to start a new nest.

Use your senses

One of the best things about exploring England and Wales is the variety of different places to discover. Coast or countryside, city or forest – everywhere is special in its own way, and the more we notice about a place, the more interesting it becomes. When you find yourself out somewhere new, try concentrating on these four things for 30 seconds at a time.

…can you see close by?
…can you see in the distance?
…can you hear?
…can you smell?

Play the blindfold game

This simple game can be played indoors or out. Take it in turns to be blindfolded, then hold your hands out while the rest of the players bring items for you to guess by touch. An oak leaf, a teaspoon, a feather, a room key, a snail shell, a soggy teabag – the choice is yours!

Meet this issue’s young hosteller

Name: Clara

Age: 8

Favourite YHA: YHA South Downs

Perfect hostel meal: A pizza of course – it’s my favourite food and the ones at the hostel were yummy.

Best bedtime book: I love Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls. There are some amazing stories in there.

Superhero name: I’m not sure. My little brother is always Spiderman so maybe I’m Spidergirl.

Dream adventure: I really love Flamenco, and I’m going to Seville later in the year for a proper Flamenco class. That’s a dream come true!

Written by Ruby Higton

Here is Ruby and she is a digital marketer at YHA. She looks after all things social media, as well as content writing for livemore.yha.org.uk and SEO. Her favourite YHA is YHA Perranporth.

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