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Alex Rider Classified Mission

YHA Summer Camps - Alex Rider Activities

Psst! We’re on the hunt for teenage super spies! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to help us discover the next Alex Rider.

We’ve teamed up with Walker Books to launch the Alex Rider Classified Mission, a new Action Adventure package for young undercover secret agents (or schoolchildren, as the uninitiated might think of them).

Available at 13 different hostels — and only available to school groups — the package is being run as either a two, three or four night residential experience. Intended as a character-building, activity-packed exeprience, it can involve anything from rock-climbing, orienteering and raft-building to bushcraft, gadget design and code-cracking.

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All participating students will receive a ‘mission accomplished’ certificate and a free copy of Anthony Horowitz’s first Alex Rider novel, Stormbreaker, courtesy of Walker Books. Prospective agents will be in their element!

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Interested? You can download the YHA School Trips brochure here!

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