Issue 13

Creative Academy   

We find out about Beth Harris Brown and Serena Mosely’s winning campaign designs !

 There’s something a little different about our newest volunteering recruitment campaign. Not only does it carry a powerful message – it launched across our digital channels in mid-September under the strapline ‘Find your answer through volunteering’ – but it was shaped and created by two young students at Falmouth University. 

 Beth Harris Brown and Serena Mosely are the latest winners of our Creative Academy competition, an annual contest organised by integrated creative agency Cubo in conjunction with YHA to give undergraduates the chance to have their concepts used in a real-life campaign. Beth and Serena both also volunteer at a café for people living with dementia, which stood them in good stead, as Rachel Ramsay, head of marketing at YHA, explains. 

 “The fact that Beth and Serena had drawn on their own volunteering and life experiences to create the campaign really appealed to us. We want to reach the 18 – 30 market and it makes absolute sense for this campaign to be informed and driven by the very people we want to target,” she says. 

 “We loved their concept, particularly the fact that volunteering with YHA opens up opportunities for young people, because this is what YHA’s charitable purpose is all about.” 

 For Beth and Serena themselves, meanwhile, it opens up further doors. “It was a fantastic opportunity to work on a live brief with feedback from real clients,” says Serena. “It’s given us a depth of experience that we wouldn’t normally have got at this stage in  our career.” 

 See their work on the facing page and at

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