Hostels, Issue 12

World Cup of Hostels

Which hostel lifted the cup?

While Gareth Southgate’s men battled it out in Russia, we concocted a dramatic knock-out tournament of our own, pitting hostel against hostel in our inaugural #WorldCupOfHostels. The competition had it all: unexpected winners, jubilant managers, stunning victories, even bitterly contested VAR decisions (we may have made that last one up). Here’s how it played out.

Image of YHA Borrowdale
YHA Borrowdale

We picked out 48 of YHA’s best and most popular hostels and split them into 12 groups of four. These plucky contenders were then whittled down via a series of votes on Twitter, culminating in a fiercely fought final between YHA Borrowdale and YHA Buttermere. And with a dazzling last-minute goal, YHA Borrowdale clinched a narrow victory with 56% of the vote, leaving their brilliant Cumbrian counterparts crumpled on the pitch. Congratulations to all the contestants. Which hostel was your champion?

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