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One of the biggest misconceptions of travel is that you must travel to more places to see more things. It would seem like a waste to not visit all the countries nearby. If going to Spain why not try to make it to France, Italy, and Germany as well? It’s tempting. Very tempting. I know it’s what I thought when I first started planning my solo-backpacking trip. Though as the date for my trip grew closer I released I wouldn’t be able to visit all of those countries to the extent I wanted to in just 2 months. I didn’t want to come back from my trip thinking, “I still need to go back to Spain to see _____.” If anything I wanted it to be, “I need to go back to Spain to visit ______.” I started defining what I wanted from my trip at that moment. I knew I wouldn’t be able to see all of those countries fully in that time, so I settled on just the British Isles. There I met lots of brilliant people that I still talk to today.

This idea of binge traveling is covered in a travel guide that I wrote upon arriving home. When I set out on traveling I was clueless, but I didn’t let it stop me. Thankfully, when I arrived I met up with a girl who was traveling the same direction as me, and she had a car. She was a pro when it came to traveling, and she taught me a lot. So by the time we split ways, I had all of her years of experience under my belt as well. This is what I aim to teach you in the guide I have written. It aims to teach the true ways of traveling — how to escape tourism and how to enjoy your time in whichever location you chose. Following is a short excerpt from the guide about meeting people, even if you’re not an extrovert.

“Make a friend. Always make friend, wherever you go. After that nothing you do will seemed forced, or a waste of time. Friends are the easiest way to make memories. To have adventures. You’re introverted, you say? So am I. It takes a lot of energy for me to go up and talk to people most of the time. I prefer solitude to conversation almost always.

Traveling makes it so easy though, any sort of preconceived notion of needing to justify talking to someone disappears (not that you really have to justify it, but people can be so awkward when you try to talk to them nowadays, always have their head in their phones) almost immediately. Even if you just say hello, almost 90% of the time you will get the response “Hiya, where are you from?” Work out this answer well, it is a stock one. Most everyone is curious when they meet a traveler. Just think, if someone says hi to you in a British or French accent you would start asking questions, wouldn’t you? You get to be that person. So talk to people.

As I said, this is a stock answer. An answer you can use your entire trip. Trust me, it gets better with time too. I had my opening conversation down by the end of my trip. Of course mix up a few details every time, remember, you are the only one who has to hear it a hundred times. This makes being ‘extroverted’ easy. It’s a formula. Stick to it. It works.”

You can find my travel guide on the amazon store by clicking on this link. The travel guide will be free from March 4th to March 8th, afterwards it will return to the price of $4.99. If any of your friends are lost on how to start planning their trip, send them my way. It is a great opportunity to start your journey with a foot in the door. Thanks for reading, and happy traveling!

P.S. If you happen to be in/or around the Lake District check out YHA Windermere. Easily one of the most gorgeous hostels I stayed at in my travels (The header image was taken there). It is only a short drive to Mt. Helvellyn, which is a wonderful hike to take.

By William Kendrick

Written by Ruby Higton

Here is Ruby and she is a digital marketer at YHA. She looks after all things social media, as well as content writing for and SEO. Her favourite YHA is YHA Perranporth.

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