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Hostelling means… How YHA dispels these 5 common misconceptions about hostels!

Hostelling means staying in a bunk bed in a crowded dorm:

Whilst many people love the communal environment of bunking down with others in a dorm room, we know that to some people, this idea is pretty horrifying! Well, with YHA, there are plenty of room types which allow you to avoid this and enjoy comforts generally reserved for those staying in hotels. Our hostels offer a vast array of accommodation options, giving you more choice than virtually any other provider. From en-suite doubles and private rooms with space for eight, to heated bell tents and camping pods, we’ve got something for everyone to be comfortable in. And no, you don’t have to change your own bedding! 

Hostelling means cooking your own food in a kitchen with poor facilities:

Cooking? Nobody wants to go on holiday to cook for themselves do they? Well actually, yes, many people do! But, that doesn’t mean that everybody has to. Much like our room types, our food and drink offering is varied and allows you to choose a hostel that suits your needs. So, if you want us to cook for you, we can do that. With regional variants and social supper clubs, as well as consistently cracking breakfasts, YHA have plenty to offer in the kitchen. However, if you do wish to cook for yourselves, many of our hostels have super self-catering facilities in which you can utilise your culinary expertise!

Hostelling means staying in the middle of nowhere or in undesirable parts of town:

This couldn’t be further from the truth! We’re super-proud of our vast network, with over 150 properties spanning the length and breadth of England and Wales. If you fancy a night out in Liverpool, you’re covered – there’s a hostel a five minute walk from town. Walking in the Lakes? Well, you’re spoilt for choice! Romantic weekend in London? No problem. Choose from YHA London Oxford StreetYHA London St PaulsYHA London Central or YHA London Thameside. And there’s plenty of beautiful beachside settings too. So, don’t let this outdated view cloud your vision! We’re in some brilliant locations to allow you to easily explore this great country.

Hostelling means no internet:

Many of our hostels are now fitted with Wi-Fi in communal areas, available for free for all guests to utilise as much as they wish. We’re currently in the process of improving our internet offering, with the Cloud being installed across the network to allow for a more seamless surfing experience. We know that constant connectivity isn’t for everyone though. We’re also proud that some of our most rural hostels retain their sense of seclusion for you to really switch off and relax.

Hostelling means young people partying and making too much noise:

Whilst we love welcoming young people and helping them to further their knowledge and enjoyment of England and Wales, we are also delighted to accommodate visitors of any age. This is one of the great things about hostelling: it allows people to mix and spend time with a wide range of brilliant people in ways that they might otherwise not have the opportunity to. We’re keen for everyone to come and have fun and our customers are generally well-mannered and respectful of those seeking to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep.

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