Five reasons to stay in a hostel

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If you’re thinking about a trip away, have you considered a hostel? If you’re open to the idea of sleeping in a hostel, let us give you five reasons to stay in a hostel, especially a YHA.


Since most of us are tightening our belts at the moment, why not let price have a say when you’re booking your accommodation? YHA hostels are far cheaper than comparable hotels, whether you’re staying in the city or the country. For example, YHA London Central gives you a bed in the centre of London starting from just £15 – and you can secure a room to yourself from £48. That’s far less than what you would pay in many half-decent hotels in the capital – leaving you more spending money to take in the delights of the capital with!

More relaxed

If you’re out and about on a countryside activity break, you may feel more comfortable coming back to a cosy hostel than a proper hotel. A drying room for your wet coat, a nice comfortable sofa and a mug of warm tea could be yours, without feeling like you have to smarten yourself up and immediately dress for dinner.

Feed yourself

Many of our hostels are self-catering, which means you can plan your own meals according to your taste. If you have particular dietary needs – or just find that the typical fare on hotel menus is not what you like to eat – then self-catering gives you the chance to make your own dishes. Fancy a barbecue after a day of walking in the sun? Or your own home recipes after a day walking in the rain? With self-catering the choice is all yours.


Hostels are very sociable places; almost all have a communal area where residents congregate, and due to their nature you’re likely to encounter some like-minded individuals. Whether you make new friends with whom you can share your trip, or just have someone friendly and interesting to chat to on a rainy evening, the sociable aspect of hostel accommodation is one reason why people keep coming back.

Local guidance

Even with the best guidebook and hours of research into events, attractions and activities behind you, there’s nothing like the knowledge of a local expert to help you get the most out of your break. Many of our hostel operators know their local areas intimately, and no matter what you’re looking to do there, you can bet that they’ve had travellers with similar interests passing through. This means they know the best routes for cycling and walking as well as the best activity providers – all based on personal experience and positive feedback from their guests.

So there you have it – five great reasons to consider a hostel break. Our wide range of centres means no matter you’re heading you should find a hostel nearby – so have a look and see.

By A Hosteller

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