Activities, Issue 13

Volunteer Working Holidays  

What are they? 

Short-term volunteer placements at one of our hostels – so a brilliant chance to be part of a team, have fun and try out volunteering without long-term commitment. You choose when, where and for how long you go. Free accommodation is provided, and tasks include anything from decorating to gardening. 

Where are they? 

We offer Working Holidays everywhere from the Lake District to the South West. And the help we receive doesn’t just look great on a CV – it’s also invaluable to us. 

Do they run year-round? 

Yes, and our hostels would love some volunteer help this winter. If there’s a region you’ve always fancied visiting, now’s your chance! All placements also include a thank-you meal and free time. 

 I’m interested. What next? 

Visit or call  01629 592562.

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