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Five top running tips for beginners

Running tips

Running tips for beginners…


Get yourself a good pair of trainers

The first on our ‘running tips for beginners’ list is the need for a good pair of running shoes. Make sure they support the bridge of your ankle to avoid causing injury. Find your local running shop and they will get the right pair for you.

Drink lots of water

This is a very important running tip for everyone, not  just beginners. Water re-hydrates you and will help you keep going. It also helps you avoid the burnout which comes with exercise and will help your muscles recover quicker. So, water is a good thing.

Find a good pace

We are all guilty of trying to compete with other runners that we meet. It’s the competitiveness in us, but this isn’t a good way to go around running. Find a pace which suits you and is comfortable. Even if this means plugging in and finding a playlist with the right pace for your running style. Go at your own pace. Not at others.

Don’t overdo it!

There are many running tips for beginners, but this is very important. The worst thing you can do when you start running for the first time is to overdo the running. When you start running for the first time, you will start to feel a buzz and want to run every day. This is great but not wise for a beginner. Start slow, this might mean run 3 times a week etc. Until you build up your stamina then take it easy.

Change scenery

Running the same route every time you run will eventually become tedious and you won’t see the benefits of running and you will eventually become bored. Change your scenery. There are some stunning run routes around YHA locations and you can finish your run with a cup of tea and a slice of cake (you’ve earned it).

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