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Lockdown part 3 feels different, for a start no one is making banana bread anymore (FYI the best banana bread is this one). With the vaccine being rolled out globally there is hope on the horizon.  Conversations are taking place about what we are looking forward to once our lives are unlocked. There is happiness in what lies ahead.

One day we will….

Hug our friends and family   

Perhaps we have realised that material things don’t matter as much the company of others. We can’t wait to be with people, in a crowd, having and giving hugs, gentle conversations without the awkward Zoom pause, the sound of group laughter, a gentle nudge when being teased, celebrating a birthday with a kiss on the cheek, a promotion with a pat on the back or a birth with a cuddle of the baby. This is what life is all about.

Catch a show   

Nothing beats the anticipation of waiting for a gig or a show to begin. The excitement as the curtain goes up. The sound of spontaneous applause after a favourite song or a powerful performance. The long queue for the bathroom at the interval, with a lukewarm drink and the heftily priced programmes and merchandise. We look forward to supporting the arts when we can, and our first encore. (In the meantime, you can sponsor a seat to support your local theatre).

Pop to the pub

British pubs are renowned worldwide, they are part of our culture, every soap we watch on telly has one, often they are housed in historic buildings. The heart of the community, a place to meet after a hard day at work. We can’t wait to jostle for a seat or a place at the bar.  The warm glow of happy faces, the pub dog sitting by the fire, the bar snacks (be it Scampi Fries, pork scratchings or posh nuts), the pub quiz, the impromptu meet up where one drink happily turns into three. The call for last orders at the bar ladies and gentleman please, will be sound to our ears!

Browse around a library

Oh my days, walking into a library with all those books on offer. Where to start? Do you head over to the new titles first or are you distracted by that interesting looking cook book propped up on the shelf. The sound of children in the kids’ corner chortling as they’re read a story, books stacked up behind the desk for local book clubs. A free hub where you’re as likely to see a grandad on the computer, as a Warhammer group in the corner and a huddle of teenagers working on an assignment. The windows steaming up from the people packed in on a wet day.

Visit a shopping centre

There’s no denying online shopping is easy. Press a button and you can have a new book or top within 24 hours. But to go into a shop and touch the clothes, try on clothes in fitting rooms, instead of ordering something that looks great on the 6ft model but not quite the same on 5ft 2inch you.  Then heading to a different shop, a book shop, a stationer or a shoe shop. The satisfaction of carrying more than one bag full of exciting goodies back home feeling accomplished.

Go to the cinema

One day we will walk across the garish, slightly sticky, patterned carpet in a cinema, to purchase a box of sugary popcorn, before taking our seats behind the tallest person in the auditorium, as the big screen is revealed and the sound system booms. We even can’t wait to get annoyed at the loud eater that’s sitting behind, or the person who is whispering loudly asking about the plot.

Travel again 

Travel opens up a world of possibilities. Flights to faraway places, discovering other cultures, or enjoying what’s on our doorstep – not just the one square mile from our front door but all of the beauty that the UK has to offer. Fulfilling our wanderlust is something we are all dreaming of – camping by the river at YHA Borrowdale or feeling the sand beneath our toes at YHA Broad Haven Where will you go? Let’s start planning.

We will do all these things again. One day soon.

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Written by Ruby Higton

Here is Ruby and she is a digital marketer at YHA. She looks after all things social media, as well as content writing for and SEO. Her favourite YHA is YHA Perranporth.

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